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Baltic amber (succinct) is a fossil resin which formed under natural conditions 45 million years ago. Valued by jewellery artists because of colour varieties: from white, which was the most greatly valued centuries ago, through all kinds of shades of yellow and brown to a unique red. Amber also comes in shades of blue, green or even black. It often contains organic inclusions (insects, arachnids, myriapods, small amphibians, plant remains) as well as non-organic inclusions (grains of sand and gas bubbles) which are a source of information about the time when amber was formed, the animals which lived in the proximity of resinous trees or were active when the resin flowed out.


Amber and its medical powers

This exceptional stone owns magical and remedial powers, which people have believed in from time immemorial. This belief has survived until today – at present amber is applied in treating rheumatic and thyroid ailments, in the cosmetics industry (It braces and protects skin against the aging) and in other fields as well.





Amber in fashion and what should we wear...

Amber is being constantly used by famous houses of fashion. An example is creation of perfume “Amber Absolute” by John Ford. But it is not all. In spring/summer season fashionable is not only what connects us with nature, but also amber palette of colours: from sunny yellow through warm browns to deep red wine. For the past several years, amber was seen as grandmother’s stone – but this times are gone for good. Now amber is of high value stone and being used by famous designers, world famous jewellers, and its designs have changed to contemporary, delicate and very often surprising.


Where to buy real amber jewellery?

Poland is a big potentate in production and export of silver and gold amber jewellery, that is why tourists visiting our country are very happy to buy amber souvenirs.

There is many different shops and galleries that offers unique and high quality amber jewellery. One of them is BORUNI Company, which belongs to Mikołajczyki Amber Group. They specialize in manufacture and sell - both as a retailer and a wholesaler - silver and gold jewelry with Baltic Amber. Thanks to a cooperation with top and the most important polish jewelry producers and the famous artists BORUNI offers the clients most wonderful pieces of amber enchased in starling silver and also in 14 and 18 carat gold. Except for lady's and men's jewelry such as: pendants, necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings, cufflinks, tie clips etc.

BORUNI - Mikołajczyki Amber Group also offer the unique goods of every day use such as: letter openers, ornamented spoons and forks, beautiful sugar basins, glass enchased in silver and amber, perfume bottles, boxes for business cards and also astonishing and gorgeous sculptures made in amber or even hand made chess. Their goods feature uncommonness, originality, great taste, quality and authentity. The way they enchase amber - the "Baltic pearl" - in jewelry underline the nobility of its nature.

Boruni Gallery, situated at 60 Grodzka Street, is a perfect place for group of tourists visiting Krakow. In a big, air-conditioned establishment, among the most beautiful amber jewellery in Krakow they present without the charge the film, thanks to which the tourists visiting Krakow are able to discover the secret of amber. The film in Polish, English, German, Italian and Spanish language version contains information concerning a genesis, types and characteristics of amber; it presents the processing of amber and the production of amber jewellery. Friendly staff at BORUNI galleries will be more than happy to help you choose proper jewellery for you as well as gifts for your close family and friends.

For the most requiring and interested in the topic, we recommend visiting unique Portal on Amber which is dedicated to all things amber.

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