Jagiellonian University Botanical Garden

27 Kopernika Street, open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ( in autumn till 5 p.m.); greenhouses open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (on Fridays greenhouses are closed).

Watching plants, which do not move, do not make any noises and have no eye contact with people who observe them may seem less interesting than a trip to the Zoo. Moreover, the prospect of going to and fro along the paths and bending over the plates with obscure Latin inscriptions, for some people may seem simply boring. Yet, it doesn't have to be such. Botanical Garden is not only a "live museum", but also a place where nature meets with science and culture. Impossible? But still...

Krakow's Botanical Garden has a long tradition. It is now the oldest garden of this type in Poland, as it was set up in 1783, in the times of Enlightenment - time fostering the development of all science. No wonder, it is a workplace of a few scientists specializing in natural science, who do research in the Garden - usually ending in a publication. In 1976 the Garden was included into the register of monuments, and it was oficially recognized as a monument of the history of science, garden art and culture.

Talking about culture, we cannot disregard the undertakings taking place in the Garden, which constitutes an interesting mixture of the world of nature and the world of arts. Every two months the Museum located at the premises of the Garden opens a new exhibition of photography and paintings. Moreover, many poetic meetings and theatre performances are organized in the Garden, and in the summer there is a series of concerts "Music in a Garden" and an International Composer's Competiton "Garden Music". As you can see, at Kopernika Street there is something not only for the lovers of nature, but also for the lovers of painting, photography, music and poetry. Therefore, Krakow's Botanical Garden can be called a real "garden of arts".

And what is there in store for the enthusiasts of biology fascinated with flora? First of all about 5 thousand taxons, or objects of nature, which include protected, medicinal, ornamental and crop plants. On spot you can also get acquainted with systematics and plant biology, see summer and exotic collections (in greenhouses) and learn a lot about plants' breeding and nurturing.

A expedition to Botanical Garden can be then a good idea for a family trip, as it is a place where every family member may find something interesting for him/herself.
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