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Krakow information City Information Point
ul. Szpitalna 25
phone: +48 12 432 0110, +48 12 432 0060
fax: +48 12 432 0062
(8 am-8 pm, Mon-Fri; 9 am-5 pm, Sat-Sun)
  City Information Point, "Kazimierz" District Bureau
ul. Józefa 7
phone: +48 12 432 0840, +48 12 432 0841
fax: +48 12 432 0842
  Malopolska Centre for Tourist Information
Rynek Glówny 3/1 (Cloth Hall in the Main Market Square, opposite St Mary's Church,)
phone: +48 1 421 7706, +48 12 421 3051
(8 am-6 pm, Mon-Fri; 9 am-3 pm, Sat-Sun)
  Jordan Agency
ul. Dluga 9
phone: +48 12 9319
(9 am-6 pm, weekdays; 9 am-3 pm, Sat-Sun)
  Diocesan Information Centre
ul. Wslna 12 a
phone: +48 12 430 2015
(11 am-6 pm, Mon-Fri)
  Centre for Information and Promotion of Krakow
Dom Krakowski (Krakow House)

Hinter Insel Schutt 34
90403 Nuremberg, Germany
phone: +49 (11) 241 8711
fax: +49 (11) 244 8241
Krakow Balice Airport
The international Balice Airport provides direct connections to a choice of major European airports (including Paris, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, New York, and Chicago.)

Krakow lies at the crossroads of principal railway routes forming a convenient and reliable network of domestic train connections and several international ones, including daily services to Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Dresden, and Kiev.) Tickets for both domestic and international trains can be obtained from Orbis bureau (located at 41 Rynek Glówny [Main Market Square], and at the Main Railway Station.) Car access is not difficult either, yet car access, parking, and traffic in the centre are subject to special limitations and regulations. The best solution is resorting to guarded car parks and using public transport to move around the city. Krakow features a well-developed bus and tram network well complemented by private mini-bus services (offering fares similar to municipal transport) which offer the best opportunity of reaching e.g. the famous Wieliczka Salt Mines (departures from nearby the Dworzec Glówny [Main Railway Station].) Should you prefer taxis, why not use the services offered by one of the many radio taxi fleets.

Ordered by phone, they arrive immediately and offer considerable reductions which means that even a rather lengthy drive within the city limits should not exceed PLN 20 or 30 (for example to get from the centre to the Balice Airport, you should expect a charge of PLN 30-50, depending on the company chosen.We are reccommended City Taxi (9621 or 2666444)

The International Airport Krakow
tel. +48 12 639-30-00, fax 411-79-77


to: Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn
call center: phone numbers available at web site

to: Berlin, Dortmund, London
call center: phone numbers available at the web site

to: Amsterdam, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Manchester, Barcelona
call center: phone numbers available at the web site

Krakow Railway Station
Krakow Central Railway Station
Directet internationl conection: Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Lepzig, Bucharest, Bratislava, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Budapest.
tel. +48 12 422-31-34
information: 94-36, 422-41-82, 624-54-39


Krakow tourist cardKrakow Tourist Card
The Krakow Tourist Card saves you money and time. By using the Card the tourists will enjoy the stay in our old town bustling with life.
The two or three day card entitles the holder to free travel on city buses and trams and to free entry in up to 32 Krakow museums. The Card is valid on city buses and trams day and night, it is also valid on the city bus route no 192 to Krakow's international airport. Krakow has a rich and varied array of museums. Some of them have unique collections of art and are located in some of the city's most architecturally valued buildings. Cardholders can also make use of the various discounts on offer in selected restaurants and shops as well as local trips and excursions.

The card is in your name and cannot be transferred to someone else. The card is valid only with the date entered by the seller and the holder's signature. The two days card is valid beginning from midnight of the day indicated on the reverse side and expires at midnight of the next day. The card for three days is valid from midnight of the day indicated for three days including the day indicated on the card. The card expires at midnight of the last day of validity indicated on the card.

The Card is the size of the a credit card and it is made of plastic.

Price of the Card:
45 pln / 11,25 euro for two days card
65 pln / 16,25 euro for three days card

Krakow Tourist Cards are available at:
Tourist Information Centres
Malopolskie Centrum IT (Cloth Hall) Rynek Glówny 1/3 Ph. . 421 77 06
Jordan, ul. Pawia 8 Ph. 4291768
"Kraków in your pocket" - Balice airport

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+48 12 421 48 35

Reception: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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